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                Cyber Risk Partner Program

                Mitigate Incident Impact and the Cost of Cyber Breaches  

                Reduce Cyber Risk and Incident Impact

                Secureworks® addresses cybersecurity incidents with speed, efficiency, and cross-disciplinary expertise. They help organizations reduce incident impact and risk of future reoccurrence – all while decreasing costs to the cyber insurer.

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                AWS partner network

                Why Partner With Secureworks

                Secureworks has extensive experience providing cyber incident response assistance to a wide range of organizations, across verticals, countries, and incident types - from small, single computer system concerns to enterprise-wide crisis situations - that significantly disrupt or impede business operations.

                Secureworks’ dedicated Cyber Risk Partner Program offers competitive pricing and targeted business terms to support insurance providers and law firms.


                Years of understanding threats & responding


                IR engagements annually


                Experienced experts


                Active threat actor groups continuously tracked

                Have you or your client had a breach?

                Contact our Emergency Incidence Response Hotline

                Global: +1-770-870-6343
                  United States & Canada: +1-877-884-1110 
                United Kingdom: +44-808-234-1203 
                Australia: +61-1800-876-991 
                Japan: +81-3-6848-9760
                France: +33-0800-91-57-18
                Germany: +49-0800-724-5467

                Emergency Response