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                Taegis™ VDR

                Automatically identify and prioritize vulnerabilities for intelligent remediation.

                Simplify Vulnerability Management

                Automate vulnerability management with a cloud-based, machine learning-powered solution. Intelligently prioritize remediation efforts based on actionable recommendations that reflect the context of your environment.

                Prioritize Vulnerabilities Taegis VDR Buyer's Guide
                Taegis VDR
                Building Effective Vulnerability Management
                Learn How to Conquer Four Critical Challenges

                Business Value

                Prioritization Based on Context


                Reduce vulnerability remediation efforts with contextual vulnerability prioritization. Close gaps in your environment by understanding the risk posed by vulnerabilities in your environment and data-driven remediation planning.

                Consolidate Vulnerability Management

                Automatically discover and identify assets and web applications. Perform vulnerability detection and leverage contextual prioritization across your entire environment, including threat intelligence from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit.TM

                Save Time with

                VDR automatically analyzes an ever-expanding list of vulnerabilities and the risk they pose. AI-powered prioritization and remediation tracking is always on, rapidly increasing the time it takes to reduce risk.


                A solution that keeps getting smarter

                The advanced AI, self-learning system improves autonomously with use, further reducing risk with intelligent prioritization of vulnerabilities.

                A fully integrated, comprehensive solution

                Automatically discovers endpoints, web applications and forgotten assets and scans them for vulnerabilities, which are then prioritized based on the context of the asset, vulnerability, network, organization, and external factors.

                Integration across your environment

                Ingest data from third-party scanners to provide risk-based prioritization where other solutions can't. It integrates with ticketing systems and bridges the vulnerability management gap between discovery, scanning, and risk-based remediation.

                Automated, configuration-free approach

                Accelerate vulnerability management by automating manual tasks, including identification of assets, vulnerability grouping, web asset discovery, and continuous tracking of the relationships between machines and web assets.

                Meaningful contextual prioritization

                Prioritize vulnerabilities according to your unique security context based on 50 internal and external factors. Threat intelligence from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit ™ helps determine which vulnerabilities are most important.

                Customer Success

                Helping small to medium businesses understand their risk profile, and achieve the outcome of reducing risk with focused remediation is of significant value in how Aprio helps their clients.

                Read the Case Study
                Aprio Case Study
                "We know we are materially improving the risk profile of small to medium-sized businesses by leveraging Secureworks Taegis VDR."
                Jeff Kramer
                Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Advisory Services, Aprio
                "VDR uses the context around vulnerabilities to prioritize them without teams spending a bunch of time."
                Jeff Kramer
                Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Advisory Services, Aprio

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