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                Taegis™ XDR

                 Cloud-Based Security for Extended Detection and Response

                Unify Prevention, Detection, and Response

                Prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats with automation, machine learning-driven analytics and comprehensive threat intelligence.

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                Taegis ManagedXDR
                Adversary Software Coverage Tool
                XDR Covers over 90% of the MITRE tactics and techniques

                Business Value

                Improve SecOps Effectiveness and Efficiency

                Detect threats faster and more accurately

                Leverage Taegis NGAV to automatically stop threats coming from the endpoint. Rely on Taegis XDR advanced analytics engines continuously updated with threat indicators, countermeasures, and purpose-built analytics from Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ to detect sophisticated attacks anywhere in your environment. Spend less time dealing with false positives and get to real threats sooner with validated and prioritized alerts.

                targeted threat intelligence

                Modernize security operations

                Get a holistic view of your security infrastructure and perform all investigations within Taegis XDR, without having to manually stitch data or bounce between tools. Reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Respond) down to minutes with response-action recommendations and automated playbooks informed by Secureworks’ 1,400 customer incident-response engagements per year.

                Unify threat prevention, detection and response

                Combine award-winning detection and response capabilities of Taegis XDR with next-generation endpoint prevention of Taegis NGAV for an intuitive, comprehensive prevention, detection, and response solution.

                Add-Ons to Taegis™ XDR


                23 Years of Knowledge at Your Fingers

                Taegis XDR was built on our security expertise, knowledge of the threat landscape and experience in improving SOC productivity.

                Ask An Expert Chat Feature

                Access Secureworks experts via chat in as little as 60 seconds.

                MITRE ATT&CK Mapping

                Cover over 90% of the tactics and techniques in the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

                Integrated Threat Intelligence

                Advanced threats can’t evade knowledge from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™.

                Comprehensive Attack-Surface Coverage

                Taegis XDR analyzes telemetry across endpoint, network, and cloud – giving you total visibility and control.

                One Platform for Detection, Investigation, and Response

                Accelerate investigations and incident response with threat-hunting tools, automated playbooks, and pre-built and custom integrations.

                Endpoint Threat Prevention with Taegis NGAV Add-On

                Automatically stop attacks on the endpoint while reducing breach risk and volume of threats to investigate.

                Near Real-Time Telemetry Agent

                Expedient and accurate endpoint threat detection for Windows, macOS, and Linux

                Customer Success

                Building Security Operations From the Ground Up - MLC Life Insurance

                In the Age of the Customer, trust is hard to earn and even harder to keep. Learn how MLC Life Insurance partnered with Secureworks to put customers first.

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                "Taegis XDR combines security analytics with additional advanced tools previously unavailable to us. It’s picked up threats we wouldn’t have seen. Taegis XDR isn’t just the next generation of SIEM, it’s an evolution."
                DAVID LEVINE
                "Secureworks Taegis alerted us to suspicious activity and gave us specific, actionable recommendations on the first night we went live. We had never been alerted so quickly and it was a critical first step in driving a stronger security posture for our team."
                Dr. Faisal Jaffri
                Global IT director, GKN Wheels and Structures.
                Detect Advanced Threats
                Case Study Ricoh USA, Inc.

                Ricoh has continued its security evolution with the adoption of Taegis XDR. It helps Ricoh efficiently detect advanced threats while reducing alerts and false positives. By consolidating data from across its security infrastructure and using advanced AI to interpret that data, XDR is a game changing tool in Ricoh’s security arsenal.

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                XDR is a cloud-native solution that combines advanced analytics and data modeling with unrivaled threat intelligence to help detect both known and unknown threats. We're putting the power in your hands with a free 14-day trial experience. Get started today to discover how you can improve your SOC efficiency.

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