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                Web Application Security Testing

                Discover Gaps before the Adversary Does

                Protect your applications with adversarial tests based on the latest threat actor tactics. Secureworks® Adversary Group provides prioritized, actionable remediation to reduce risk and help maintain confidence in applications used by clients, employees, and business partners.

                Goal Based Penetration Testing

                Today's Challenging Environment

                • Dissolving Network Perimeter

                  The Dissolving Network Perimeter

                  Your entire attack surface now includes on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid deployments. And your authentication, authorization, and single sign-on features are every bit as diverse, demanding versatility and always-on availability.
                • Matching Adversary’s Speed

                  Matching the Adversaries’ Speed

                  Web servers, application platforms, and development languages are continuously targeted by adversaries to discover new vulnerabilities and provide subjects for increasingly advanced attack techniques. What was secure yesterday won’t be secure tomorrow.
                • Rising Stakes

                  The Stakes Continue Rising

                  Applications present a sensitive scenario with a significant amount of data. All this information can be updated, corrupted, or shipped out the door with a single successful attack, configuration mistake, or logic flaw.

                Our Application Security Testing Services

                Our Adversary Group bring knowledge, expertise, and efficiency to conduct thorough security evaluations of your environment across web applications, mobile applications and web services.
                • Web Application Security Assessment

                  Web Application Security Assessment

                  Are you confident that the security of your web applications covers everything from the OWASP Top 10 to custom business logic vulnerabilities?
                • Mobile Application Security Assessment

                  Mobile Application Security Assessment

                  How much trust do you put in the palm of your hand? Test your mobile applications to ensure your sensitive data is handled safely on your device and while being delivered.
                • Web Service or API Tests

                  Web Service or API Tests

                  APIs are typically a means of accessing and modifying data in bulk. Find out how exposed your data is to common attack patterns and tactics.
                Battle Test Your Defenses and Response

                Why Secureworks Application Security Testing

                Secureworks Adversary Group provides the quality testing required to effectively test business-critical applications today. Testing vendors that rely heavily on scans often miss issues around authentication and authorization because they don’t understand context. Our application penetration testing veterans, many of whom have previous development experience, know your context through years of hands-on testing. They combine expertise, continuous research of cutting-edge application security issues, and deep understanding of the threat to adapt best practice methodologies and tooling to simulate real world adversaries. As a result, they provide you with a more accurate depiction of risk and actionable remediation steps.

                When Good Guys Go Bad

                Jared McLaren, Application Security Testing Tech Lead, shares how coming up with a zero-day exploit enabled him to get further into the client's network despite a fully patched conferencing solution.

                When Good Guys Go Bad
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