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                Penetration Testing Services

                Think Offensively to Secure Defenses

                Approach reviews of your environment just like a real-world adversary would, using techniques that vulnerability scanners just can’t replicate. A penetration test from the Secureworks® Adversary Group uses a hands-on, adversarial approach to help you find blind spots and enhance your security posture.

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                Goal Based Penetration Testing
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                Today's Challenging Environment

                • Expanding Network Perimeter

                  The Expanding Network Perimeter

                  Today’s perimeter extends across cloud, wireless, BYOD, and remote work—presenting a rich, expansive attack surface that, if not properly understood or defended, can be easily exploited.
                • Mimicking Bad Guys

                  Mimicking the Bad Guys

                  Cybersecurity adversaries evolve constantly, so your organization needs to be confident that its testing approach does as well. You want to be certain your methods replicate the real-world threats that matter most.
                • Mapping the Kill Chain

                  Mapping and Exposing the Kill Chain

                  Adversaries don’t stop once they gain initial access, so your testing shouldn’t merely focus on illuminating vulnerabilities. In fact, actionable insight, targeted defense and improved detection all start with exposing the kill chain.

                Our Penetration Testing Services

                Secureworks provides a comprehensive portfolio of penetration testing services to help you identify gaps and weaknesses before the threat actor does – no matter the source of the attack.
                • Internal Penetration Testing

                  Internal Penetration Testing

                  Once inside, an attacker’s work continues. Test your internal defensive layers to know how quickly an internal threat could compromise your entire network.
                • External Penetration Testing

                  External Penetration Testing

                  Attackers have many tricks up their sleeves when trying to gain access. Will your perimeter stand up to breach attempts from an external vantage point?
                • Wireless Penetration Testing

                  Wireless Penetration Testing

                  Wireless networks are an often overlooked part of testing programs. Find out how your wireless connections expose internal networks you thought were segmented.
                Validate Defenses Against Emulated, Real-World Adversaries

                Common Threat Scenarios

                Leveraging our goal-based testing methodologies and specialized application security expertise, combined with access to real-world threat research, the Secureworks Adversary Group can proactively help you identify specific areas of exposure and weaknesses.
                Battle Test Your Defenses and Response

                Why Secureworks Penetration Testing

                Secureworks Adversary Group helps you challenge assumptions about your network security. While other testing shops rely heavily on scanners and automation, our experts combine years of practical hand-on experience to test the way adversaries hack. They perform thousands of engagements per year, leveraging a goal-based approach and real-world threat intelligence to provide actionable findings that matter.

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