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                Vulnerability Assessment

                Powered by Taegis™ VDR

                How vulnerable are you to cyberattacks?

                With Taegis™ VDR, you’ll discover vulnerabilities and quickly prioritize your remediation based on the latest threat intelligence, informed by the guidance of adversarial testing experts of Secureworks® Counter Threat Unit™ coupled with powerful Taegis™ VDR analytics.

                Master Your Vulnerabilities

                • Know Where You’re Exposed

                  Know Where You’re Exposed

                  Every day you’re at risk of costly breaches. And your organization’s vulnerabilities are the path of least resistance for the adversaries who want access to your network and IT environments.
                • Get Started

                  Get Started

                  Finding those vulnerabilities is a fundamental part of threat prevention. But is your vulnerability approach up to the task – and is it continuously updated with the latest in threat intelligence as adversaries discover new and potentially more dangerous exploits? 
                • Prioritize with Context

                  Prioritize with Context

                  Your vulnerability management solution should not only discover vulnerabilities but prioritize the most critical based on the unique context of your organization and an understanding of where exploitation can cause the most damage.

                Why Secureworks Vulnerability Assessment

                Taegis VDR

                Taegis VDR

                Secureworks Vulnerability Assessments are powered by Taegis VDR, a cloud-native vulnerability management solution that prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their potential impact on your business.
                Threat Intelligence

                Threat Intelligence

                The intelligence behind Secureworks Vulnerability Assessments come from threat intelligence that is continuously developed by the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit.


                In your Vulnerability Assessment, cybersecurity experts will help you configure Taegis VDR, run discovery and scanning, walk you through the results, and recommend a remediation plan that’s tailored to your organization.

                You will also receive 30-day access to VDR so you can explore the solution on your own, continually monitoring for new vulnerabilities and receiving prioritized alerts.

                Simplify Vulnerability Management

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